Founded by The Price Family in 2019, Portgate Farm Fresh Produce offers a range of naturally reared premium packaged Beef, Pork, Lamb and Poultry. Based in Allendale, Northumberland.

We are very proud of our farm and the care that is taken in rearing animals and the environment, planting trees and improving hedgerows to enhance natural habitats. Sustainability is key to everything we do and we’re fortunate to have an incredibly passionate team. Combining both tried and tested farming techniques with a very modern understanding of animal welfare – we understand the importance of raising each animal with time and respect. We feel animal welfare is incredibly important and it’s something we pride ourselves on. We respect the animals from field to fork and feel that it really does affect the quality of the meat we’re producing.

Find our fresh raw produce for sale in Allendale butchers or try it out freshly prepared on the menu at The Golden Lion Hotel, Allendale.