Our passionate team is dedicated to high standards of animal welfare and uses ethical, 21st–century farming practices. Every breed that we have chosen to farm is carefully selected for its exceptional meat qualities. The painting we’ve commissioned captures a Dexter beast, a rare native breed, this is our most exclusive range of beef. With its high marbling content and distinctive flavour coupled with dry ageing makes it the natural choice for the most discerning. Our herd of pure Dexter cows produce a year-round supply of naturally reared beef. When creating and selling such a special product provenance is is of the utmost importance and forefront of what we do.

Our Animals


Almost all of the beef we produce is Dexter. Originating in Ireland, Dexter is the smallest native breed of cattle in the British Isles.


Tamworth is the oldest known rear native breed of pigs in England, our small herd range freely in the ancient woodlands located on Portgate Farm, Allendale. Producing the most naturally and ethically reared pork, with a unique and distinctive flavour gained from both the environment, natural diet and unique eating qualities of the Tamworth breed. Our range of produce includes Dry Cured Ham, Bacon and Sausages.